Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh That Old Thing -- Relistings

I just listed these pieces, here.  The first is a steel necklace with an ammonite fossil, imprinted key, antique glass vial, and beads of "pineapple glass."  They are almost opalescent, with faintest yellow tint.  And then the ring, a wrapped and woven steel tower capturing a natural quartz crystal, and last, a contemporary copy of the ancient Ethiopian shaman's shield, hanging from a collarette of fat ovoid black wooden beads and carved bone.  And then this,

another vintage compass necklace on a handmade brass chain of rhyolite and yellow turquoise beads.  I used brass (nonmagnetic) because the compass still works (it's a souvenir of the Adirondacks, with a leaping bass), pointing to magnetic north.  The beads were chosen for their murky green freshwater-lake-ish colors. The small beads meant over 80 links with hours of work. I had to anneal the brass wire to make it workable, and then more hours spent in hand polishing and waxing the links and the compass itself.  Many layers of Renwax will protect the old paper label with the bass and stamped logo.  I am going to keep this one for a while at least; I have a great love for compasses -- it's always good to keep your bearings and to know just where you're going. 

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  1. gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er. but the 1st is my fave. the way you sculpt steel wire makes it look downright creamy. which we know it is not. its hard and brittle and that makes your creations all the more amazing. i just dont have the patience!