Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drift Seeds: the Ojo de Buey

The seed called "Ojo de Buey" ("Eye of the Bull") floats from Central and South American rivers to sea and then drifts to the beaches of the Gulf Coast, where, when found, it is considered a lucky charm. It has evolved a very hard shell just for that style of dispersal, and yet more interesting, the plant that produces it, a climbing woody vine, or liana, twines through rain forest trees, producing flowers that are pollinated by bats.  For some fascinating reading on drift seeds, or sea beans, their lore, curious facts and natural history, visit  You'll probably want to bookmark that destination, which is just loaded with botanical information and great links to explore.

And for no particular reason, except that she is the Best Dog That Ever Lived, heeeeere's Abbie!

She rescued me in January a year ago.  We are soul mates.  I confide all my deepest inner thoughts to her, and she listens without comment.  She's my canine confessor and debriefer, that's right. Works for me!


  1. abbie is so sweet! love your bangles too. xoxo

  2. I love sea beans and found a few while at Port Aransas...yours looks great on the bangle.

  3. i want sea beans...bangles is back baby...

  4. ojo de buey, ojo de abbie. both big, black and full of soul.