Friday, January 13, 2012

Abby Comes Home

When there's a dog-sized hole in your heart, you eventually have to fill it, and I hope you'll be as lucky as me. I applied to Seattle Purebred Rescue for a Corgi and heard right away from Mary Day, in Lacy who helps Corgis find new homes.  Wonder of wonders, this lovely little girl needed a new home after her good people decided she needed to be separated from an aggressive half brother.  They had given her training, love, exercise, all the right attention, and I know it broke their hearts.  But it's almost as though they had created this special companion for my retirement, who already is getting me out and walking around the neighborhood, and briskly.  She is so bright and jolly and adaptable -- it's like we had been together for years, and she even respects the guinea pigs although she wishes they needed some herding.  My biggest concern was whether she would settle down while I spend a few hours in my studio, making things.  Well, as you can see above, noooooo probbie!  And just in case you think that little size means you have a foo-foo on your hands, read the story of Ole, who survived an avalanche and came home by himself.  You may think that Nordic name is not so appropriate for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but they are descended from the Swedish Vallhund, brought to Wales by Vikings long ago.  I plan to test that lineage soon -- we are going to celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King by going snowshoeing.  That dog-sized hole in my heart has been custom fit!


  1. such a cute nice you were able to give her just the right home.

  2. ...Two kindred spirits have found one another, is that not the best feeling, yes? She looks like she is very comfy and content in her new home. God bless you for opening up your heart & your home to a sweet, needful soul.

    ...She's beautiful too btw! ;o)

    ...Peace & Blessings :o)

  3. very sweet:) we are thinking of adopting a sweet little pooch. cheers!

  4. I also have a female corgi, and can tell you she is absolutely the best companion. This is the 4th corgi I have owned, we have in the
    past had more than one at a time. i love the breed, only and lots of hair!!!!!!! Enjoy your lovely Abby!!!

  5. I now take my coffee with dog hair -- call it a tall hair of the dog latte, no fat!

  6. I found your lovely blog just now! We have two rescue dogs... Max, who is a dalmatian/pointer cross (from NOAH animal shelter, right near where we live - by the Pilchuck glass school) and Sparta, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, rescued from the Everett shelter. Everything in my world is covered in dog hair... in fact, if you look at my etsy photos very closely, you'll see black, white and brown hairs. I love your store. Have a great weekend!
    (Bees On Pie)