Saturday, September 17, 2011

Innocence Rewarded: A Boudoir Doll

She should have suspected when Herbert, second cousin twice removed, next in line to inherit the mine, invited her to dine al fresco on a windy moor, that it would not go well.  He claimed there must have been something wrong with the mushroom pate.  Alas, another case of mistaken mycological identity.

Chloe is approximately 27 inches long, all cloth and ragged remnants of hand dyed lace.  Her face is hand drawn, and I do beg you to take a look at her pretty little hands and feet as well.  Of course, children should admire her from afar; she is intended only for the boudoir of an adult.  She may be acquired in my Etsy store, link to the right.

1 comment:

  1. ...Had to look up the word "mycological". :o)

    ...Love her face, love her dress and her perfect lil' hands! Just lovely.

    ...Blessings :o)