Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Rockn' The Noir Scene

'So honored to join this team of truly Noir and makers of fabulously sensuous art.  We've got everything from bustiers to door knockers and other things you may not have thought about, or in your dreams, maybe. We have a new bloggie at http://noirscene.blogspot.com and of course you can link to it in my places to explore column over on the right, too.  Go for a visit and get your senses supercharged.  What really tickles me about this whole little experience, and the invitation is, well, I didn't know I was Noir, I just thought I was, well, a little different, you know . . . more shall be revealed in future posts.  Many thanks to our fearless leader, Capitaine Tattered Rouge.


  1. hi! your stuff looks beautiful. yeah yr noir! thats just fancytalk for kinda dark, which can mean anything, really.
    Thanks for putting me inyour favs (twice!)

  2. Thanks for putting me in your faves!

    I also joined the Noir scene. See you there!