Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wall Doll II, Otto in Drag

Second of the series, here.  I took my photo of dear Otto, my antique, loved-to-shabby boy doll, and made a transfer onto cheesecloth, which was then retouched with my handy Prismacolor pencils.

It then became a mask for the "gingerbread man" shaped pillow doll pattern I used for Kolobuk, with a tuft of cobbler's linen for the suggestion of hair.

I then gave him a sun suit of antique feed sack fabric quilting pieces, gentled a bit with more cheese cloth, and a good ol' bone BVD button for his belly.

His arms are desert driftwood, and on his right a page from an 1800s school book, colored in by a long ago child.

In  his left hand a vintage celluloid button dangles, as the suggestion of a summer daisy.

On his feet a pair of recycled baby socks, died and stained with calendula petals

I think he's hanging around for a dish of ice cream, which we must agree is necessary for a truly good summer day.

So, quick before it melts!  Sunshine Boy is on his way to my Etsy store today.

Here's the original portrait of dear Otto, for comparison's sake.

and then --

Here's how the Sunshine Boy brightens up my cluttered studio and complements a sweet nicho by Port Townsend artist, Diane Porter-Brown.


  1. Your wall doll came out awesome!! I really like the work you have on your Etsy Shop!

  2. Thanks so much, cat! Stay tuned, it's all a work in progress -- I figure if I am not changing I am not growing! Best to you. xoxo, betweenreader