Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The White Box, a work in progress ... or The Mother Lode

Contents of the Box:  Early 19th c. legal file copy in handwritten script on tissue, book boards, cobbler's nails, carte de visite, glass beads, marbled papers, antique text, horse hair, porcupine quill, bone buttons, antique child's shoe, drusy quartz crystal fragment, beach-found mystery metal, old brocaded ribbon, and marvelous white hand-made box found at Bernie's Antiques with a glass front and real patination.  Thanks to Bernie for the collaboration.  I am not sure I want to tell you where Bernie's Antiques lives, because it would be alot like telling where my berry patch is -- Bernie is the last of the true bricoleurs and he has marvelous things, large and small, quite old and tatty, all jumbled together, not staged, and it just brings out the huntress in me.  He says he doesn't find these things in estate sales, he just cleans out old houses.  I thought for sure I'd found the Mother Lode when I found Bernie's place.   In fact, think that's just what I'll call this piece.

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