Friday, April 2, 2010

The Well of Darkness

Si cada die ... a found object neckpiece and tribute to a poem by Pablo Neruda.  Etched on a tablet of bronze, the opening words to the poem, with a bit of brass found at my feet on a walk, another bead by Bernard Jones, a nice bronze bead, and a fresh water pearl, suspended on an asymmetric array of magnesite chunks and raw brass chain.  Thank you, immortal poet, for the inspiration that still calls from your beautiful words, "if day sinks into night ... there exists a well where light is imprisoned ...."  This speaks so directly to my heart as an artist, one who uses things found at her feet, and who needs great patience, and the time to let the inspiration express itself.

You can't really make out all the words, of course, but I hope that will encourage you to memorize them.

See my posting below for the full text.

"There exists a well where light is imprisoned ... we must fish for fallen light with patience."

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