Friday, January 1, 2010

Recycled Sari Silk, Neo Renaissance Jewels

Wonderful, brilliant colors, and recycled, too -- A women's collective in Nepal recycles silk saris into delightfully frayed ribbons, and they are great for suspending my "neo-Rennaisance jewels" --

Here's one that is completely faux and still gorgeous -- iron wire, glass jewel, costume pearls, a Swarovski crystal drop, beneath a froth of magenta and blue frayed silk stripes.  It closes at the back with a hand made hook and chain and counterweight bead.

And another, with a Raj feeling -- a resin filled rusty bottle cap with a pith helmeted portrait, surmounted with vintage Swarovski rose monte, iron wire scrollwork with gold glass beads lashed on, an antique button, and another crystal drop.

All that's missing is the ballgown, train and dancecard (tasseled, of course).

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