Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've had a good time lately photographing my stash of found objects, looking for their undiscovered and mystical similarities, contrasts or whatever. It takes looking at them in the present moment, without prejudice, and seeing them for what they are, now. But not forgetting what they may also reference. It's a game. And it's very hard to choose my fave. Is it the tattered books, bruised blue velvet, the worn photo found in the street, the rusted bottle caps that have seen a season in a snowy parking lot, the feathers, brass garden hose nozzle, old pharmaceutical bottles, watch parts, beach agates, broken glass, mica (a necessary staple)? These are all very fine, but you'll notice the most useful one for me is the background -- a chair bottom found along a city street, dense oak with several layers of paint cracked, flaked and checkered, very close to robin's egg blue, but faded. What would you choose?

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